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Domestic Adoption

Dear Birth mother, We thank you for making this courageous decision to choose life for your child.  We are also thankful for your consideration in adoption for your child. The process isn't easy and I know it can be a difficult decision of picking out the right parents for your sweet baby.  You are wanting what's best for for them to grow up in a loving christian home and that is what we plan to do. When we became Christians, we were all adopted into God's family and that is how we see for our future child in providing them with love even though there not biological to us.  We pray for your health and safety throughout your pregnancy and get all the support that you need. We hope that we can bring you comfort in knowing that your child is being placed in a wonderful home that will be filled with so many memories and joy to come. If you are open to doing so, we would love to exchange letters and photos with you throughout our child's life. We believe that sharing information in this way is a wonderful opportunity for everyone involved. It would allow you the chance to see your child develop whether it's through communications or yearly meet ups. Please believe us when we say that we want our child to know about his/her birth parents and we will ensure that he/she knows how very much you love him/her. We would like to tell you a little about ourselves. We have been together for 7 years, married 3 of those years. Both of us are college graduates. Christine is 28 and works in Radiology at a Children's Hospital. Greg is 29 and works as an manager at a wholesale plant nursery. We both have stable jobs and love our work. We are comfortable financially and should be able to provide many opportunities for our children. We have always wanted to adopt. Greg was adopted at birth and would love to share that experience with his own child. Christine has always wanted to adopt even before knowing Greg. We tried having children naturally but found out that we had infertility issues so that jump started the adoption process much sooner. We also come from families that have many adoptions on each sides. Greg has 5 cousins and Christine has 3 cousins that are adopted. It's been a joy to have them in our families and this has also made this a very good support system on adoption. We really enjoy the company of our family. We have frequent family gatherings like going to the movies, gamenights, musicals, and vacations. In our spare time as a couple, we enjoy hiking, biking, kayaking and being outdoors. Greg likes to woodwork,fitness, and work in his garden in the backyard. Christine likes to walk her dogs, dancing, reading books and enjoys having get togethers with friends. We already have the nursery set up with the theme of Winnie the pooh. Christine loved that show growing up. We are just so excited on  becoming parents. We want you to know that we can provide a loving and caring home for your child as well as supportive extended family. We hope you enjoy looking through our book and see all the memories we have made and can't wait to make future memories with our child. Love, Greg & Christine  

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