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Domestic Adoption

Dear expectant parents,

We are Gene and Mary, and it is with great gratitude and humility that we introduce ourselves to you. We admire you greatly for choosing life and your unconditional love for your child is incredible. We want you to have total peace and comfort as you continue on your journey. Your life and your baby's life is a profound gift, and we are grateful beyond words. Know that you are prayed for and loved daily by our family! Adoption is the most cherished gift we have been given as a couple and as a family. We were privileged to meet and love the two birthmothers of our children, Addie and Thomas. Our great desire to continue growing our family through adoption is only made possible by you as a mother.

As a married couple for 12 years, we have battled infertility and chose the beautiful journey of adoption in 2011. Our precious daughter, Addie, was placed in our loving arms that year! Exactly 3 years later, our precious son, Thomas, was welcomed into our family through another birthmother’s incredible love for her child. We can not wait to share our lives and family with another precious little one!  Addie and Thomas are ready to be a big sister and a big brother too!

We spend much time together outdoors on our property where we fish, kayak, and swim in our ponds.  Going on family nature walks and spying all kinds of wildlife is definitely a favorite family activity! Living in the country is a blessing and such a beautiful environment to raise our family. Grandparents and cousins live around the property too which allows for many playmates and family gatherings.  Spending quality time together praying, playing, learning, and experiencing life is what we do best!

We feel truly honored by the opportunity to open our hearts and our lives to another precious child. You are making this possible by your incredible love as a mother. Your act of love is the greatest gift you will be giving your child and our family. Our prayers are with you and your baby everyday, and we look forward to spending time getting to know you. May your journey always be full of peace.


Gene, Mary, Addie, and Thomas


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