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Domestic Adoption

First off, we want to express our gratitude. We cannot begin to imagine all of the thoughts running through your mind or the emotional roller coaster you may be on right now. We are beyond grateful that you're taking the time to look through our profile, and we hope to show you that God has placed us here in front of you for a reason. This decision that you are processing is not being taken light heartedly, but with fierce prayer and love for you and for this child you are carrying. One thing we have in common, you and us, is that the life of this child is the most important thing. Raising them up with unconditional love, safety, support, community and so much more would be our priority, as we're guessing, it would be yours as well.

We met almost 30 years ago in kindergarten, grew up with each other through the end of high school, and finally reconnected 10 years later. We even went to junior prom together, but never dated during that time. We have been married for over 3 years now and have been hoping for a little one for 2 of those years. Unfortunately, we found out that we are unable to have a child on our own without the help of extensive medical treatment after experiencing a miscarriage last year.

Something else we have in common with you is that the ultimate unexpected has found its way into our lives. But with the devastation of the unexpected comes the blessing of our paths as strangers crossing. That alone sparks hope for us.

Garrett is the new CEO of a steel manufacturing company and I am a women's health nurse practitioner working with a group in the one area that I personally have experience in, infertility. Both of us love our careers and love the impact we have on those we interact with daily. We live within an hour of the majority of our extended family including parents, aunts, uncles, cousins, brothers, nieces and nephews. We have a church home where we serve as a security guard and a greeter, along with doing life with our community group weekly. Our lives are full of friends, family and new memories every day, and we hope to share this life with a child one day. We understand that this is a difficult decision you are working through, and is life changing for all involved. We will never fully understand this experience for you, but we hope that we have given you a small sense of reassurance that this baby will be loved and cared for unconditionally.

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With love,

Kimberly and Garrett