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Domestic Adoption


We are Ted and Angela and we live in Eastern Nebraska and spend quite a bit of time at our Hobby Farm in SW Iowa. We have been married for 12 years and are excited to add to our family.  We do not have children, however we are eager expand our family through adoption as we were not able to become pregnant naturally.   

We have a kitty cat named Daisy.  Also known as Lazy Daisy or Crazy Daisy depending on her mood.  Daisy was a cute little kitten when we met in South Dakota 14 years ago. She was so small she fit into the palm of your hand.

Angela is 40 years old and works at a medical device company. She is known for her delicious baked treats and fun loving spirit. She is easy going and tries to get along with everyone. Ted is 42 years old and owns a commercial and residential repair and remodeling business. Ted is known for having an insatiable sweet tooth.mmm, please pass me another cookie! – He is easy going and can get along with anyone. Together, we enjoy gardening, home and farm projects and spending time with friends and family.

We would love an open relationship with you, but completely respect your decision if this is not your preference. We are flexible and realize that the level of contact that is right in the beginning may change as time goes by.  You will always have a very special place with us, no matter the level of contact. We truly want the best for you and for your baby.

Ted & Angela

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