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Domestic Adoption

We are thrilled to introduce ourselves to you. We are Steven and Felicity and we are very excited to be on our adoption journey together. We have known each other for 9+ years and we’ve been married for almost 3 years. We became inseparable over our love for travel, good food, good coffee, our mutual sense of humor and all things English. Felicity is from England (came to the states to play college golf) and Steven had a major love for London. In fact, he knew his way around London and the subway system better than she did! We are true besties and we laugh our way through life. 

We highly respect you for choosing life. We understand adoption isn’t an easy decision to make and we pray you feel comforted and loved through your journey and in this decision.  

We live in Tulsa, Oklahoma and have 2 sweet children aged 9 and 11 from Stevens previous marriage. We love to play sports and take every opportunity to enjoy sunny days swimming, playing golf and hiking are some family favs. Steven is an incredible pianist and plays in church concerts or special events held at our church.  He has a construction company and he spends the majority of his day selling projects as a residential remodeler. Felicity manages an orphanage in India that she started in 2015. We have 13 children, all attending private school and living together as a family with house parents in a rural town in SE India. It’s truly a privilege to be involved in such a mission and it certainly is an eye opener going over there to experience how some of the world live. We truly are a blessed country.

We love kids dearly and our desire is to have another precious love in our family. We have gone to IVF appointments and explored different types of adoption options but we have decided to pursue domestic adoption. We love the idea of the open adoption and we are prepared to be as open with as much or as little contact as you feel comfortable with.  We both have very close knit family’s and we are prepared to adopt you as part of our extended family as well. But we fully respect your privacy and honor your decision with how open you would like to be. 

Much love to you.


Steven & Felicity

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