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Domestic Adoption


Thank you for taking the time to get to know a piece of our family. We know you are faced with many decisions and a lot of them aren't easy. Just know we are praying for you and that God has the perfect plan for you.

Dylan and I met seven years ago while I was on a church trip in Idaho. There was no spark between us at the beginning, although he would tell you otherwise. That didn’t come until a year later at the end of my second year of Bible college. We dated for a short six months and by then I knew this was the person, my other half, my helpmate, for the rest of my life. Dylan and I got married in November, and this year we will have been married six years.

With Dylan being a worship pastor at our church, we are very big music people at home. In our down time you can always count on Dylan recording a couple of songs and me sitting on the couch next to him catching up on my devotional or like now, writing you this letter. We also enjoy game nights with friends, hosting potlucks, binging a good show on Netflix, and of course my favorite, taking that nice trip to Disneyland (pre-covid days).

From the beginning of our relationship, we knew we wanted a family. Both of us come from rather large families. Dylan always wanted at least two children, I wanted four children, and we agreed on four! Little did we know, God had other plans. After five years of trying to get pregnant and never really understanding why we haven't been able to, the doors to adopting opened and we felt God lead us in this direction. We know He has the perfect plan for our lives. We have always felt called to adoption, and let me tell you, God knows what he is doing even if at the time we don’t see how things will work out. Even in uncertainty, He is still moving and weaving a perfect plan for us, and we just need to let Him guide us.

Our support system during this time is massive. Our church family and biological family have stepped up and expressed their excitement and support through us finding our missing piece. We cannot wait to have our child learn their adoption story and to be able to embrace their heritage while growing up.

Just know, we are praying for you daily and I hope this letter brings you some comfort knowing that there are people who will be supporting you on any decision you make. We are excited to open our hearts to you and build a friendly relationship throughout and even after this process, whatever you may choose.  We love the thought of being able to add you to our circle and are open to sending monthly updates and even holiday visits. Be blessed.


Dylan and Gracie

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