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Domestic Adoption

Dear Expectant Mother,


            You are incredibly brave.  You are facing so many questions, options, decisions and I’m sure it’s all a bit overwhelming.  We too have been a bit overwhelmed during this season of making decisions on how to grow our family.  We have spent a lot of time praying for you as you consider all your options and try to choose whatever is best for your little one.  You are doing hard work and we are cheering for you whatever you decide. 


            Dustin and I have known from the beginning of our relationship that adding a little one to our family would look different than most couples because I am unable to carry a baby safely to delivery.  We have been married three and a half years now and are patiently waiting to grow our family.  We have both taken time to cry and grieve the loss of pregnancy and birth, but we are overjoyed that there is another way; adoption.  We can’t wait to adopt a little one and share our world with them here in South Carolina.  On the weekends we’d probably take them hiking to some of our favorite camping spots and when it’s raining outside we will cuddle them, watch a movie, and pop popcorn.  I love being in the garden and cooking fun meals so I’ll be sure to teach them how to grow things and then make fun treats in the kitchen.  Then on those hot summer nights we will walk as a family to our favorite ice cream shop right down the road from our house.  They would be welcomed into such a fun family of aunts, uncles, cousins, grandparents, friends, and a church community.  Oh and I can’t forget about our two dogs Tucker and Laurie who are looking forward to a sibling of the human variety. 


We are open to sharing this world with you as well; through letters, photos, or even as part of the extended family but will respect whatever privacy decisions you need to make for yourself.  We do care about you and send blessings your way in whatever you decide. 




Dustin & Erin

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