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Domestic Adoption

Dear Expectant Mother, 

 Though we haven't met you yet, we already know you are a courageous, selfless, strong woman. We can’t imagine what you are experiencing as you look through different books, but regardless of your decision, we hope you are at peace and find comfort in the decision you make. 

We are more than excited to meet the next addition to our family! We (Drew and Carissa) first met in 2013 while working at an outdoor education lab with young adolescents. We quickly connected with our shared passion for the outdoors and young adults. We are a very down to earth family. Our favorite dates included hiking and pizza. In 2016 we got married in the beautiful mountains of Colorado. Next, we worked on advancing our careers in education. We both have settled into our careers as High School teachers. We love getting to know our students each year while still having time to play in the summers. 

In 2019 our biological daughter, Adalynn, was born. She has brought us more joy than we ever could have expected. She too shares our love for the outdoors. She loves playing in the water at the lake, watching wildlife, digging in the dirt, and climbing around at the playground. We have always known that we wanted multiple children and soon after Adalynn was born, we started exploring the adoption process. After learning about open adoption, we knew this was the path for our family.  We are hopeful to have a relationship with you if this is the path you choose. However, we respect your comfort level with future relationships. 

We have a large extended family with lots of children.  They are beyond thrilled to welcome the next grandchild into the family!  It is important to us that our children understand and appreciate where they came from and to ensure that they love and appreciate the woman that loved them enough to bring them to our family. We promise to honor you and to give this child all the best that life has to offer. Please know we care, and wish you peace in this uncertain time. 

With Gratitude, 

Drew & Carissa 

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