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Domestic Adoption


As we sit and write this letter deleting and restarting again for maybe the 4th or 6th time, we can’t help but wonder who you are! We admire your courage and selfless love as you consider making an adoption plan. We can’t imagine the emotional decision you are up against and hope that your find some peace and comfort in reading more about us.

We are Derrick and Mariah. I’ve known Derrick for about twelve years, but we didn’t start dating until 2010. We were engaged in October 2015 and married January 2016! Not long after being married we moved to our current home and started our own little sheep farm.

 Derrick and I have always wanted children and tried conceiving for a year before seeking a fertility specialist. From the beginning of our infertility journey we always talked about adoption and knew if that was God’s plan for us he would lead us down that path. After many treatments and a round of IVF our odds of us conceiving naturally were very slim to none. We knew from there that was not the end of our road, just the start of a new one.

Derrick works as a superintendent at a rock quarry and I work at the local hospital as a Medical Assistant. We both enjoy being outdoors. I like to craft while Derrick enjoys doing yard work on the tractor or piddling in the barn as he calls it. Together we like to garden and grow our own veggies, work on the farm raising sheep, collecting chicken eggs and playing with our three dogs.

Our families are over pouring with excitement, love and support for our adoption journey as our friends are too. The child God blesses us with will be the first grandchildren on both sides, as well as the first niece and nephew to three very proud uncles to be. We are in this journey with our minds and hearts open and excited to see where this path takes us!

Derrick and Mariah

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