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Domestic Adoption

Dear Expectant Parent(s),

            Let us begin by saying how brave and selfless you must be to be considering this beautiful choice for you and your child. We cannot begin to know how difficult a decision this must be for you and we will be praying for your continued strength throughout this process.

            Just a little about us, we met while both working at a restaurant, we were friends for a while, but through our friendship, we grew closer and began to date. But, the real story began before we ever met. My cousin and I went to different high schools, and we would go through each other’s yearbooks and pictures; I only ever thought one guy at her school was cute and worth dating, and that guy was Derrick. I can only thank God’s handiwork that we ended up meeting and falling in love years later. We got engaged on New Year’s eve, just as it turned midnight on a balcony overlooking the river, and just as I said yes, as if for us, fireworks began shooting out of the sky. We were engaged for a year, then got married on a snowy day in December in one of our favorite churches which was still all beautiful and decorated for Christmas.

            Derrick and I live in a cozy home in a neighborhood where we like to walk to get coffee together or to the grocery or to our family’s house to visit. We love being so close to the people we love and are close with, our family! I believe that our lifestyles would bring a child up in a happy, fun and healthy life.  We both try to live healthy lifestyles by eating good foods, exercising, spending time outdoors, and learning new things.  We both enjoy nature and traveling to new places.  We plan to visit most of the national parks and hope to show our child the beauty of nature and the world around them.  Derrick enjoys all kinds of sports from mountain biking and camping to golf and team sports. I love the outdoors too, walking, running, or just sitting on my porch with my pets watching the world. We like playing games, especially trivia, and would expose the child to all kinds of educational experiences.  We love going to museums, science centers, zoos, anything that broadens our horizons. Whatever our child would be into, we would support them.   Growing in life with Derrick and I, there would never be a dull moment and a child would learn the importance of everything the world has to offer. 

Derrick and I both grew up with many traditions that we love and want to continue with our children. We are Catholics, and both of our families share in the Christian faith and beliefs. We grew up knowing that God affects our lives and actions daily. We both believe strongly in the power of prayer and that with God, all things are possible. We knew that our infertility was a difficult road, but continued to have faith, which led us to learn that God had a different plan in place for how we are to have a child in our lives. I grew up learning about my faith, as well as being taught my morals and truths. I appreciate and love the strength in character I acquired through it all. We plan to pass on our faith, morals and traditions to our children.

            We have both finished college and have full time careers, I am a Teacher and Derrick works as an operator at a local power plant. In the near future, I hope to find a part time position within the school so that I am more available to stay home when we are blessed with a child. In the meantime, both of our parents have eagerly agreed to babysit and are more than excited to alternate days watching a child. With Derrick’s job rotating days, we would not need them for more than 3-4 days a week.

We have both been eagerly awaiting the day that we are blessed with a child in our lives to raise.  We are so blessed to own a home in a neighborhood filled with children and fun events for them to meet and do. We also have a couple of parks in the area that we like to walk to. We are very fortunate to have an extremely close knit family who are a part of our lives daily and are just as excited for the idea of a child in their lives as we are.

            We imagine this is a really difficult decision for you. If you do choose us, just know that child we raise will always have and will always know about 2 sets of parents. We would love to share messages, pictures and letters with you throughout the years and would consider a more open relationship if you are comfortable with that. Above all, we also want to respect your wishes, privacy and the life ahead of you.

                                                                Best Wishes,

                                                                Kate & Derrick

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