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Domestic Adoption


We are Kate and Derrick and we are so honored to get to tell you a little about our family. We want to begin by saying that we have such a deep respect and love for birth parents. We adopted our first child, Isabella “Izzy”, and have experienced the immeasurable overwhelming joy adoption can bring. Our daughter has brought more love, excitement, and happiness into our home and family in more ways than we ever imagined. We also know that Izzy’s journey to our family started with a difficult and selfless decision. We cannot ever fully understand the difficult and painful decision for a birth family. I have seen adoption referred to as a triangle intertwined with a heart. The birth family, the adoptive family and the adopted child each represent one side of the triangle. The heart intertwining through each side of the triangle represents the love that is involved in an adoption. This symbolizes the beauty and love adoption can bring to all involved. However, we cannot begin to imagine the emotions you are experiencing as a birth mother and how difficult a decision this must be for you. We will continue to pray for you and all birth parents at every stage of an adoption plan.

Derrick and I have been together for fifteen years. We started as good friends and eventually began dating and spending more time together. We married on a snowy day in December nine years ago. We both enjoy nature and traveling to new places. We plan to visit national parks, showing our children the beauty of nature and the world around them.  As a family, we like playing games, dancing in the kitchen, reading stories, and the list goes on and on. We live in a cozy home in a great neighborhood very close to our family. We often walk to get coffee together, the park, and visit with friends and family. We are grateful to be so close to the people we love! 

Currently, Derrick and I have full time jobs. Derrick works as an operator at a local power plant, and I am a teacher at a Catholic school. I love being able to share our faith, not only with my own child, but my students as well. It helps me grow stronger in my faith daily. We are fortunate that both of our parents have eagerly agreed to help out at least 2 days a week so we use daycare part-time.

While we are currently blessed to be a family of three, we are excitedly awaiting for the growth of our family through adoption. We would love for Izzy to get to be a big sister one day and share in the bond of adoption with her future sibling. 

We imagine this is a really difficult decision for you. If you do choose us, just know that the child we raise will always have and will always know about two sets of parents. We would love to share messages, pictures and letters with you throughout the years and would consider a more open relationship if you are comfortable with that. Above all, we want to respect your wishes, privacy and the life ahead of you. 

Best Wishes,

Derrick & Kate

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