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Domestic Adoption

Dear Expectant Mother,

We are David & Val and we want to commend you for your loving decision of considering an adoption plan for the baby.  You are a strong woman and we are praying that God will be with you through this process.

David was born in St Louis, MO, where his parents still live.  He has a Bachelors in Biology. He lived in Kansas before moving to San Juan, Puerto Rico.  He loves reading and sports and works for the post office in Austin. Val was born in New York, moved to Puerto Rico when she was 6 years old and moved to Los Angeles when she graduated college. She has a double Bachelor’s in Computer Information Systems and Marketing.  She was an IT Consultant and Realtor before moving back to Puerto Rico.  She works from home part time as a lifestyle blogger.  She loves home decor, fashion, beauty, and dark chocolate.

We met at the gym in Puerto Rico in 2010, had a gorgeous wedding on the beach in 2012 and moved to Austin in 2013 which is now home and we are here to stay.  We live in a three bedroom craftsman in a family friendly neighborhood with two parks on our street, one of them right next door, two swimming pools, a lake and schools within walking distance.  We enjoy cooking together and finding new recipes that we always change a bit to give it that extra oomph!  We also enjoy going to church on Sundays, sharing time with our friends and family, experiencing new restaurants and food trucks, music, the arts, laughing, or just watching a movie at home.

David is a hard worker, sweet, very loving, kind, generous and caring husband with a great sense of humor and I know he will be such a great wonderful father.  He will take the time to have a great relationship with them and they will always be loved unconditionally no matter what.  Life is full of teachable moments and patience is one of his best attributes so he will be able to teach them things, guide them and help them grow into a thriving adult.  I can picture David reading to the baby any chance he gets, teaching them about sports and music and explaining things with a gentle caring heart. Val will love the baby so much, she has an amazing amount of love to give, and be a mother like her mother was to her, loving, understanding, playful and a parent but also a good friend.  She is kind and attentive to detail, a hard worker and will make sure the child will receive a great education and have wonderful friends. She will share her appreciation for creativity and the arts and music with the child.  We are both bilingual and are looking forward to speaking to the baby in English and in Spanish.  We have an exotic, playful and gentle gorgeous little cat and her name is Saber aka Tinkerbell.  We know she’ll just love the baby.  We have lots of family to visit and we can’t wait to give the baby great experiences.  Val’s parents live minutes away and our parents, siblings and friends are fully supportive of us adopting and pray for us and for you constantly.  They will have so many children to play with in the several parks and playgrounds in our neighborhood. Two of our nieces were adopted and we belong to an adoptive families group from church with lots of children.

We have been talking about having a family since we met but unfortunately after years of trying and failed fertility treatments Val was not able to get pregnant.  Now we know God wants us to grow our family through adoption.  When we adopt, rest assured the baby will be loved and adored as much as we love and adore each other.

We know this is difficult and we respect your decision.  Should you choose to place with us, we would want to have a loving, open adoption and stay in touch through updates, photos and visits.

With much love & God bless,

David & Val

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