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Domestic Adoption

Dear Expectant Mother,

We, David and Diana, are blessed you have taken the time to read our story and getting to know us! We understand this is a time of hard thoughts and difficulty while determining what is best for you and your precious baby. We admire you for such courage and your consideration of an adoption plan for your baby.  We hope that you feel loved and supported no matter where you are in your journey. Our story began in 2008, when we went on our first date.  As time passed, we found ourselves in love and our hearts blended into soulmates. Guided with love and faith we married in 2014 and had a culturally immersed wedding.

  We spend our time enjoying life by taking small trips, traveling, and hosting family at our house.  In addition, Diana loves the artistry of Makeup, interior decorating, and new recipes to cook at home.  David enjoys music, technology, and cooking for family, especially during holidays. We have always talked about how adoption was in our hearts and wanted to do adopt even if God blessed us with biological children.  As we began our married lives, we eventually learned having biological children would not be a possibility.  If Diana were to become pregnant there would be a high possibility of her and the baby losing their lives.  To improve Diana’s health, we made the difficult decision to not have biological children.  Out of medical necessity Diana had a hysterectomy to alleviate her pain.  With our hearts broken we prayed and grew deeper as husband and wife.  Our journey for children took on a new path with us becoming Foster Parents. 

After receiving our Foster Parent License, less than 24 hours later we received a call from a social worker of a Foster to Adopt premature baby girl recovering in the NICU.  She was born with serious medical needs, and required dedicated home care, bonding and multiple therapies.  The social worker told us we would be adopting her after a few months.  Then 18 months later, out of nowhere, we were told baby girl would be permanently placed with a biological aunt. As you can imagine our hearts were broken that she was leaving our house and family as we felt she was our daughter. With much sorrow and heartbreak, we said goodbye to her knowing that God had another plan for us.  It took some time for us to heal after losing baby girl as foster parents, but we learned that our journey to grow our family still continues.

With faith and our hearts full of love we decided to pursue another pathway for adoption.  And this is what brings us before you in this letter.  Letting you know we respect you as a mother and if you choose to make an adoption plan with us, we want to assure you we are open to discuss the level of contact you would like to have with your child.  We promise to love and cherish your child with our hearts and souls. We will provide a safe, fun, happy and nurturing home that offers the best learning opportunities. We also have family that is supportive with our adoption journey and who will love our future children. We hope you feel our dedication and commitment to the happiness and health of your child. We hope to embark and share this adoption journey with you, with a goal of creating a life-long connection through the love and wellbeing of your child.


David and Diana

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