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Domestic Adoption


While we don’t know exactly what you are experiencing right now, we do know what it feels like when life spins out of control and is nothing like you expected.  We have felt that way as we have endured two painful miscarriages along with infertility lasting over a decade.  You, too, have likely faced painful and difficult times.  Through our journey, we have clung to the promise from God’s Word to believers in Romans 8:28 that “all things work together for good for those who love God!”  The best thing that has come from our infertility journey is growing in our trust in the Lord as we have seen His plan work out in our lives, which includes the great blessing of our son, Isaac, and daughter, Emma, who joined our family through adoption.

We’d like to take a few moments to introduce ourselves!  David owns and manages a renovation company focusing on bathrooms, kitchens, and outdoor living spaces.  He loves his work, but he always gives his greatest attention to the needs of our family.   Bethany’s greatest joy is being a stay-at-home wife and mom.  She homeschools our children and loves investing in their lives.   Bethany also loves running, reading, and drinking lots of coffee!   

We live in Trophy Club, Texas, a quiet community near Dallas/Fort Worth.  We are both committed Christians and are grateful to the Lord for His saving grace in our lives.  It is our deepest desire to honor the Lord with our lives each day.  Our faith in God as our Savior is the bedrock of our marriage and family.  We are very involved and serve at our local church where Bethany plays flute in the orchestra for Sunday morning services and David teaches 4 year old Sunday School, which he has done since 2007!

We adopted our son, Isaac, in 2009 and our daughter, Emma, in 2012.  Our son, Josiah, is biological and was born in 2015.  We had the immense joy of fostering two precious baby brothers from 2017-2019, and saying “good-bye” to them was very hard.  We still think of and pray for them often, and we know that fostering allowed us to grow as adoptive parents, as we firsthand experienced saying “goodbye” to babies we loved (and still love!).  We are grateful to be able to stay in touch with their mom and see pictures of them as they grow.  Our family is also very close with both Isaac and Emma’s birth families!  It is our joy to call them “our family” – we text, FaceTime, mail letters, and receive Christmas gifts!  We know that it is a blessing for our entire family to have such beautiful relationships with Isaac and Emma’s birth families, and we look forward to the same with our next beloved baby’s birth family.  

            Please know we are praying for you during this time. 

            With much love and admiration, David and Bethany

            Here is a link to our profile book where you can see more pictures of our family and story!

We are represented by Nightlight Christian Adoptions. If you want more information about us or would like to meet us, please contact Nightlight at (254) 227-9252.