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Domestic Adoption

 We want you to know that our hearts are full of love and gratefulness for you in choosing to give your baby life. We admire your courage. Life comes with so many hard decisions and sacrifices. No matter what you choose, we know that you are doing the right thing for your child out of love and selflessness. We hope that you know that too. 

Dave and I met 14 years ago threw a common friend. For me it was love at 1st sight. It took Dave about 2 weeks to realize that I was the love of his life and ask me out. From our 1st date we've been together ever since. We ended up dating for 5 years, we're engaged for 5 years and now we've been married for 4 years.

 Dave and I are looking to adopt after realizing having a biological child would not be possible. I have severe endometriosis. I had surgery to treat the condition, hoping I would be able to conceive. I have been told that if by some miracle I did conceive, the pregnancy would most likely end in a miscarriage do to my endometriosis. 

 We were Foster parents for 2 years.  During that time we fostered 3 beautiful baby girls. They taught us so much about being parents. They were loved and welcomed into our family and friends group with open and loving arms.

What we want you to know, if you make The choice to choose adoption, we will do everything we can to make this process easier on you. What we want to say to you is, we know adoption may look very different on your side. We know there are feelings we can't even fathom, but please know you are loved and valued no matter what you choose for your sweet baby. We just hope you have a loving support system during your journey and if needed you can reach out to us.

Cassie & Dave 

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