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Domestic Adoption

Dear Expectant Parent(s),

It is a pleasure to unofficially meet you. Thank you for choosing to take the time to get to know us, our hope is that one day we may meet in-person. Our names are Dan and Emily. We cannot begin to fathom the place you are in and the mixture of emotions you are likely feeling as you consider all the choices before you. From the depths of our hearts, know that we admire your courage and respect your decision. We recognize your decision is truly challenging and is one driven by love and selflessness. We would be wonderfully blessed by being chosen to walk this journey of loving and cherishing your child with you.

Together we have experienced many ups and downs in life, thus far. In 2007, we met while playing Ultimate Frisbee in Wisconsin where we are both born and raised. It was an instant connection and attraction for both of us, especially Dan. Emily took a little longer to come around, over a year of Dan patiently waiting and continuing to ask her out before she said yes. In 2009, Dan proposed and we were married in Wisconsin in the summer of 2010 surrounded by family, friends and yes, our frisbee teammates. To this day, frisbee is still an important part of our life together. We have found amazing and supportive community through a sport that we both have a passion for. A few months after we were married we moved to Colorado and have lived there ever since. Currently, we are living in South Carolina as Emily finishes a year-long residency, with our plan being to return to Colorado.

Emily works as a hospital chaplain, having started her career in the Army. Dan is a software engineer with a global company and has the ability to work from home. We recognize this blessing because we know that both of us have a lot of flexibility with our schedules and can prioritize family time. When our parental leave is up, we plan to have a trusted friend or family member come to our home and help care for our child. We believe in a well-rounded education that begins at home and has faith as the cornerstone. We both achieved higher-education; Emily has two Bachelors of Science degrees in Exercise Science and Food Science/Human Nutrition, as well as a Masters of Divinity. Dan has a Bachelors of Science in Software Engineering; our children will have those same opportunities.

Family is incredibly important to us and both sides of our family are extremely excited about welcoming a new baby into our lives. We own a beautiful home in Colorado with a great yard, just down the street from a great elementary school. We live in a quiet and friendly neighborhood tucked up in the foothills of Colorado’s Front Range. We have two dogs (Rocky and Tucker) and one cat (Rohan) as members of our family, they all love when our nieces and nephew come to play. Emily’s sister and our brother-in-law live about an hour’s drive from us, regularly we gather together with them and their three children. Both sides of our family come to visit us in Colorado and we make road trips throughout the year to visit them as well.

Besides playing frisbee, we enjoy anything outdoors. We love going to the lake in the summer and riding around on our jet skis or paddling on our paddle board or kayak. Biking and hiking with our dogs or camping are some of our favorite family activities. Traveling and exploring other cultures is something we love to do and is important to us to continue while raising our children. When we are not enjoying the beautiful outdoors, we love to play video games together, like Mariokart. We have been known to host a Mariokart tournament or two with friends. Often you will see a puzzle on our dining table in the process of being finished or a plethora of books scattered around the house because we both love to read. Humor is an important part of our life, we love to laugh whether it be at a good show or one of many “dad jokes” we love to share.

We understand that this is a very confusing time are praying for you and the extremely tough decision before you. We welcome the opportunity to meet, if that is your desire, and are flexible to establish a communication plan that meets your comfort level. 

Many blessings upon you,

Dan and Emily

We hope this book and this video give a little better glimpse into our adventurous life together. 

Video: (*Coming Soon)

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