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Domestic Adoption

Dear Expectant Mother,


Hello! We are Dale & Ashley. We would like to begin by saying we can’t begin to understand the difficult decision you are contemplating. We want you to know that we understand the decision you are considering is selfless and loving, and we will honor that decision in the way that we care for and raise your child and we pray that this letter may ease some of your fears. And hopefully help you to understand our heart and our hope for adoption as well.

A little bit about us: we met when our moms became fast friends from a chance encounter at a random Home Depot 25 years ago. We grew up together and eventually became close friends in high school. It took a little time to convince Dale that we were the perfect match but a small price to pay for the life we have built together these last 11 years. We live in a small mountain town in California close to all our extensive family, which leaves our weeks and weekends filled with holidays and birthdays or just a Tuesday night “come over! We haven’t seen you in two days and we’re grilling hamburgers”. While this may seem daunting to some, we have come to love the closeness and support both of our families provide. Especially with the addition of our twin girls, Charlie and Piper, 9 years ago. When we have a weekend off you will find us gardening, visiting zoos, museums, the local library, or just going on a walk as a family.  Except on Sundays, which is spent attending our local church and every other month teaching fourth grade Sunday school. Jesus is a big part of our lives and is important to us especially because he is one of the leading reasons why we have decided to adopt.

When we were dating the idea of adoption came up frequently. Ashely's parents were foster parents for many years and this had a great impact on the way she viewed the idea of family and how family is created. As we have matured in our faith as Christians, we have come to understand that being a Christian means we have been adopted into God's family. We believe Jesus is the Lord of our lives and because of what He has done this for us; we feel a deep desire to pursue adoption as a reflection of His Love here on Earth. We have been adopted into His family and we want Christ's love to pour out of us and into the world around us.

Family means the world to us. We had hoped to be able to grow our family more but have been unable to do so. As we have rested in God and prayerfully considered His plan for our family, we feel He has led us to adoption. Our girls are beyond excited about this decision and can't wait to welcome a baby into the family.

If you take anything from this letter, we want you to know we are praying for you and for your child and that our hope is to be an answer to prayer for you in this incredibly difficult situation just as you may be an answer to prayer in our lives should you choose to move forward with us. No matter what you choose and no matter what you have chosen in the past, you are loved and valued. We hope and pray for your peace and comfort. Thank you for taking the time to consider this letter.


-Dale and Ashley

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