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Domestic Adoption

Dear Birthmother,

You are courageous.  You are strong.  You are amazing.  While we will never be able to understand what this process is like for you, we promise to always honor this incredibly selfless act by providing the best life we can for your child.  The true merit of a person is not decided by their actions when everything is going well, but how they respond during life’s most difficult moments.  Your choice to value your child above all else shows what kind of extraordinary person you truly are.  The two of us have both experienced difficult losses in our lives and there is a poem that has helped us when we have struggled.

                Your absence has gone through me. 

                Like thread through a needle. 

                Everything I do is stitched with its color.

We wanted to share this to highlight that you will always be a part of this child’s life and she will always be a part of yours.  That bond will never be broken.  We are loving and open people.  It is our sincere hope that you can feel comfortable and confident around us at all times.  After all, we will be forever joined together in the common goal of ensuring this child grows up as happy and healthy as possible.

Fortunately for us, we have extra help to nurture this little miracle.  Laura gave birth to our son, Brendan 3 years ago. He talks constantly about “baby sister”.  Brendan, or “Bean” as we like to call him, is VERY excited.  He constantly talks about the new baby and how he is going to be a big helper. He even saw a baby doll at the store and insisted we buy it. He has begun practicing how to hold the baby doll and talk softy around the baby. Every night he puts his new baby doll to sleep before he goes to bed. He is a very sweet and very energetic young boy. He sings all day long, loves Buzz Lightyear and BELIEVES wholeheartedly that they are best friends, and already has a hilarious sense of humor. His favorite way to make mom laugh is to imitate his dad (and it is spot on). We have already begun letting him know that it will always be his job to love and protect his younger sibling. This is a job he is already excited about and we know he will always do great at it. 

Laura is the glue that holds everything together in our busy lives.  Or as Bean puts it, “Momma’s the boss!”  Laura works as an Administrative Assistant with the Sheriff's Department.  She comes up with the best games, the best songs, and the best jokes.  All while making sure the trains run on time in our household.  Cory is a National Sales Manager for an industrial gas supplier.  He is Bean’s favorite toy.  Dad spends most of his time with Bean playing crazy games, running through the house and the yard, or acting as Brendan’s personal horsey, jungle gym, or airplane. 

As a family we never sit still.  We love camping, going to Disneyland, the beach, the zoo, the park, playing in the pool, or any other adventure we can find.  We live on a wonderful, palm tree lined cul-de-sac five minutes from the beach in California’s Central Coast.  Our parenting is all based on raising loving, respectful, and genuine individuals who spread peace in the world.  We both believe that our childhood foundations in faith have helped to keep us on the right path.  We are excited to start our children down the same path.  We were taught that faith in God is best shown through our actions.  We are continually finding new ways to volunteer in our community.  In addition, ten years ago with some of our friends, we created and continue to run a small non-profit that provides scholarships to low income high school seniors. 

If there is anything else you want to know, please do not hesitate to ask.  We are happy to share!  We know that God will bring us together with the right family at the right time.  For all who read this, we are praying that you find the perfect family for you. 

With love,

Cory and Laura

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