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Domestic Adoption

Dear Expectant Mother,

We would first like to acknowledge the difficult, but admirable, decision you are contemplating for your child. While we cannot fully understand what you're going through, we can wholeheartedly say that we commend your compassion and selflessness as you review all of the options that are best for your child’s future and wellbeing. Your strength, wisdom, and bravery are an inspiration to us.

We are Christopher and Samantha. We first met in June of 2013 and were married on April 16th, 2016. We've been happily married for over 5 years now, and have evermore maintained a fun-loving attitude and good humor. In all things, love has driven our union, and we've built a strong foundation of trust and mutual respect. Above all, however, our marriage is solid because we constantly turn to God for guidance. Jesus Christ is the center of our marriage and the glue that holds our household together.

As for who we are personally, Samantha loves to run and exercise, and always enjoys finding a good book to get lost in, she also finds great joy in listening to music, especially when it's captivating and contemplative. Above all, quality time with those she loves is very important to her. Christopher loves to write, produce videos, spend time outdoors, and collect movie soundtracks. He also has a heart for ministry and serves as a teacher in the youth group at our church. At his core, he's a social butterfly and adores surrounding himself with friends and family alike. Together, we find great joy in hosting parties and investing in our loved ones. Whether playing games, cooking yummy food, taking road trips, or simply enjoying a good conversation, we never fail to have a wonderful time. We also share a love for the different seasons and excitedly transform our home to welcome each one as they arrive (especially autumn).

Our road to adoption started at the end of 2017 when we decided to try and start our family. Once we realized that having a child biologically wasn’t likely, adoption was heavily placed on our hearts... again, when we were only dating, we both felt the call to adopt sometime in the future. As we navigated infertility, God showed us that adoption is what He wants for us now, and we have experienced tremendous peace in that decision ever since. We are very open to welcoming a child of a different race than our own into our home. If that were to happen, we would welcome that culture into our current lifestyle by embracing it each day. This might include taking cooking classes specific to that culture, finding local festivals celebrating that culture, and welcoming friends from the same culture into our home. Our families, our church, and our friends have all warmly supported us fully in this calling and will accept our new child with welcome, adoring, and wide-open arms without reservation as if he/she is our biological child.

With Great Love,

Christopher & Samantha

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