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Domestic Adoption

Dear Expectant Mother - It is with incredible love in our hearts that we write this letter. Although we do not know each other yet, it is our hope that we are able to expand our family to include a new child and you. We have been blessed with the adoption of our daughter, Madeleina, and the presence of her birth parents in our lives. We recognize adoption can be a bit complicated at times, but it is our experience that the joy, love and family that is created through the process, on all sides, is nothing short of miraculous.  We have been married since 2013 and enjoy an adventurous life in California's Central Coast. We are each other's best friend, confidant and partner. We met in college freshman year and have been lucky enough to cheer each other on through graduate degrees, several moves, new careers and Jean's health journey. We have always known adoption is our path and it is with a clean bill of health and the sincerest of wishes that we hope to add to our family.  We live in a lively community of 50,000 people, nestled between a beautiful mountain range and the beach.  As a family, we enjoy walking our dogs, Patròn (Great Dane) and Pimms (German Shorthair Pointer). We also frequent the library, the pool, children's museum, the local parks and the zoo. Madeleina's favorite animals at the zoo include the tiger and meerkats. She is an avid lover of coloring, especially with the blue crayon, riding her rocking-horse, story-time and swimming.  She enjoys other children and we are sure she would love the opportunity to be a big sister.  We have the strong support of our families, friends and church community in our daily lives. Our circle of support is well-informed about what open adoption entails and they have been welcoming with Madeleina's birth parents and extended family. We are open to whatever form of communication and interaction is most comfortable to you. It is our desire that your child is able to maintain a relationship with you as long as you are willing. We want your child, you and our families' dreams for the future to thrive and we appreciate your consideration of this path with us.  Whatever you decide, we send you our thoughts, love and prayers for peace.  Respectfully, Chris and Jean  View our Adoption Profile Here  View our Adoption Video Here Please contact Nightlight Adoption Agency at (714) 693 5437 to connect with us and use reference ID number 369945.