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Domestic Adoption

Hello, We can't begin to imagine the range of emotions you must be going through at this time, so we won't pretend or presume to know. We don't know your story, or what has taken place in it. We don't know your situation or what has led you to this point where you are now reading our words. What we do know is that you are expecting, and that is simply beautiful and enough. We know you have many decisions facing you that will not only affect you, but countless others as well. Although we do not know you or your story, we would like to take a few minutes to tell you ours. We are open to contact and understand that will be dependent on our relationship as we build it, distance between us, and what is happening in each of our lives.We are open to welcoming birthparent(s) and their family into our extended family, and sending pictures, letters, phone calls and visits.  Danielle has wanted to grow her family through adoption for as long as she can remember and Christian has seen firsthand the benefits of adoption in his family through his cousins open adoption. Because of their experiences and some health factors making the risk to Danielle and the baby during pregnancy high, adoption is the perfect way to grow our family! Danielle works remote as a financial advisor and has 3 months of paid paternity leave and Christian plans to continue working part time with The LEGO Group as a supervisor after his 6 months of paid leave ends.  In these pages, you will find a little more of our story and we are very much looking forward to our next chapter. As you look to your own story, know we are praying for you.  Yours truly, Danielle & Christian  Our Instagram Page Our Video

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