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Domestic Adoption

We don't know your story, or what has taken place in it or what has led you to the point where you are now reading our words. What we do know is that you are expecting, and you have many challenging decisions in front of you.

While we do not know your story, we would like to take a few minutes to tell you ours.

We met working at a resort on Pensacola Beach, FL. We both attended the University of West Florida where Danielle was studying marine biology and Christian was earning his degree in theatre. We worked every day together in the summer until school started back and Danielle's seasonal position ended. A year later, Danielle returned to the resort to work for the summer where Christian was still working.

After spending time together working, we started dating and were together in Pensacola for a year before Danielle moved to Rhode Island to obtain her masters degree. During our year and a half of long distance, we had virtual dates including watching movies together and visited each other whenever possible. After Christian finished his degree, he moved to Rhode Island while Danielle finished her masters degree.

After graduation, we decided to move to Charlotte, NC to be closer to family. We got married a year later just north of Charlotte and purchased our first home, south of Charlotte in Fort Mill, SC. A couple years later we purchased a single family home with a large fenced in back yard. Our neighborhood is large huge and has miles of walking trails, community pools and events throughout the year from cookies with Santa to a summer kick off pool party. Our family currently consists of the two of us as well as our sweet puppy, Kenobi and snuggly cat, Flynn.

We are open to welcoming birthparent(s) and their families into our extended family, and sending pictures, letters, phone calls and/or visits. We are open to a transracial adoption. We understand there are many factors that will impact  our relationship as we build it including the distance between us, and what is happening in each of our lives.

Danielle has wanted to grow her family through adoption for as long as she can remember and Christian has seen firsthand the benefits of adoption in his family through his cousins open adoption. Because of some fertility issues for Danielle, we decided adoption is the perfect way to grow our family. 

Danielle works as an assistant branch leader of financial planners to assist clients with creating and implementing plans that let them achieve their financial dreams. Christian works as a supervisor at the local LEGO Store and also contracts as a director with local theatre companies in addition to his directing work with Carowinds for theme park entertainment throughout the year. Danielle has 3 months of paternity leave and Christian has 6 months. Once his paternity leave comes to an end, he will work part time with LEGO around Danielle's schedule so their new addition won't have to go to daycare. 

Outside of work, we love travelling (especially our annual Gatlinburg, TN trip as well as going to see both of our grandparents near the beach in FL), attending concerts, live theatre, hosting game nights with friends, and building LEGO sets together. 

In our profile book, instagram, and video, you will find a little more of our story (and families). We are looking forward to our next chapter. As you look to your own story, know we are praying for you. 

Yours truly,

Danielle & Christian

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