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Domestic Adoption

Dear Birth Mother,

            First, we want to commend you for the courage you are showing by looking through our profile and others. This is no small task, and still you are here showing true love by putting this child first. Since the beginning of our adoption journey we have been praying for you. Prayers of blessings, peace, and comfort.

            We are Chris and Karina, we met in Northern California at our church youth group when Karina was ten and Chris was twelve. We grew our friendship and began dating at the end of Karina’s high school years. We dated for five years and then we were married in 2009. Karina received her Bachelors of Science in Business and Chris received his Bachelors in Screenwriting. We believed that Chris would be getting into the film business but God had other plans for our lives and we soon found ourselves in the state of Arkansas pursing Chris’ second Bachelors in Ministry. Chris is now a full time minister here in Northern California. It is amazing how God changes our lives and they always work out for the better. Chris is now working on his Masters in Ministry and Lord willing we hope to pursue his Ph.D. as well. Currently, Karina stays home with our son, Noah, and plans to stay home to care for our next child.

            We tried for Noah for two years and earnestly prayed for him. After two years of trying on our own, we reached out to Doctors for assistance. One easy shot later we were pregnant. We knew Noah was our answered prayer. We love him deeply! It is important to us to grow our family and so we began trying to conceive again. However, this time it ended in a miscarriage. Although, our miscarriage was difficult it made us start to examine adoption. Karina’s aunt and uncle had adopted two children and so this had always been on her heart. Prayer brought us to trying one last time with the aid of a shot that helped us conceive Noah. It was not successful. Our hearts now felt fully prepared to move forward and a sense of God calling us to adoption. All of Gods children are called to be loved and we want to be active in the love that God has for you and this child you are carrying.

            Our families and church support us and spoil us with love and we know they would do the same for our new child. We are ready to incorporate another little one into our family. We will show this baby the love the Lord has for them and how to have fun. We love playing outside, going for hikes, baking, vacationing, and celebrating holidays with loved ones. Church is a big part of our lives. We are active members in our church services and activities and sharing God in our home.

            We know through the Bible that the best gift we can give is lifting someone up in prayer. This journey will be difficult for you, but we are going to be lifting you and ourselves up in prayer through every step of this journey! Our God is capable of mending hearts and bringing strangers together to make new friendships. If it is your will to have an open adoption we will do our part in nurturing that decision to its fullest potential.

In Christian love,

Chris and Karina

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