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Domestic Adoption

Dear Expectant Mother,

        Thank you so much for taking the time to read our book and learn more about us and our family.  We can’t imagine how difficult this time can be for you.  We can only imagine the emotions that you must be facing and we pray that God will offer you comfort, love, and understanding during this time.

     We believe that family is formed through love and a common connection. We have been together for 12 years. We found each other while living an entire country apart. We were married in 2017 in a 1920's marble mansion. We had many wonderful years of traveling together and wanted to share the experience with children. As our extended family began to grow we yearned more and more for a child of our own, but in 2018 we learned that Ariel would not be able to birth a child. After nights of tears, Chris confessed to Ariel his love and passion towards adoption. He explained that he felt God guiding us that direction. That night, we made the decision to pack up our old home and expand into a new home and make room for a new little one through adoption. We are very excited to introduce a child to our wonderful family of friends and relatives
      We both come from wonderful families. Ariel is an only child with a loving father and wonderful cousins who fill the roll of brothers. As an only child, family has always included close friends and extended family. Ariel lost her mom on her 16th Birthday. During this tough time she found strength and love from surrounding friends and family. When Ariel isn't hard at work in her hometown she loves cooking, baking, church activities and her 3 animals (Lucy, Gizmo, & Jasper).  Chris is the oldest of 3. He has a younger brother and sister. He also has best friend named Phil, that is considered an amazing brother and son to the family. Chris loves anything that goes “vroom.” He loves working on the family corvette and hanging with his brothers and Dad. Chris is a full time Chef and a Director.  He is the Director of Dining for a retirement community of 250 residents. He has also been influential as the head chef of many downtown restaurants and even created a menu item that is still highly sought after today. We both strive everyday to be the best we can be in every part of our life and we hope one day to share this inspiration and passion with a child. 

      We hope this book helps you to understand more about us, our lives, our love for one another, and everyone around us.  We are more than excited to have the opportunity to become parents and will be forever grateful to you for choosing us. Please know we have you in our prayers and cannot begin to imagine the emotions that you are encountering. We continue to pray for you.  

Sincerely, Chris and Ariel

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