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Domestic Adoption

Hello! We are Chris and Shelley. We do not know you, but we marvel at your strength and courage as you face some difficult decisions ahead.  We cannot begin to understand what you are feeling, fearing, or struggling with right now, but we pray that you find comfort and reassurance with each new day.  Though it may be difficult to see at first, sometimes one person's trial is another's blessing. In our 16 years of marriage, we have also faced trials, fears, and heartache, including our inability to conceive a child.  Over the years, we've been surrounded by children in our everyday lives, from our extended families to our years of coaching and working with the youth in our community.  While we enjoy this and feel it's a normal part of our lives, we still have a strong desire to be parents ourselves. Shelley was a teacher for 15 years and now works part-time for a local nonprofit as a Family Engagement Specialist, working with families in an after-school program.  She took this job for more flexibility in preparation for being a stay-at-home mom as much as possible, while Chris continues to work full-time. We are silly and serious, relaxed and energetic, workers and players, homebodies and travelers. We both love to travel and see new places.  We love exploring cities and countrysides, but our favorite destinations involve sandy beaches and clear waters.  We've experienced a lot of excitement along our travels, but our greatest adventure is our road to becoming parents. We are full of life and energy, surrounded by an amazing support system of family and friends, and living in God's country.  We believe that God has brought us through so much, and we are standing on faith that He will bring us into parenthood. Until that day comes, we will continue to pray and will be praying for you and all who are on both sides of the adoption journey. Thank you for taking a peek into who we are. Love, Prayers, and Hugs, Chris and Shelley