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Domestic Adoption



We wish that we were sitting across from you in a coffee shop listening to your story. We wish we could tell you it is alright to not know all the answers to the big decisions you face; and have the chance to pray with you for clarity and peace. Most of all we would want you to know that you have been prayed for since August 2018. 


We have been blessed with two incredible biological children, Owen, 5 and Madelyn, 2; and fortunate to have not struggled with infertility challenges. Rather, we have chosen to pursue adoption as a calling on our lives and from a desire to grow our family. However, we have helped several friends walk the journey of infertility and as a result, we have a large community of friends who have adopted.


We have been married for nearly 9 years and are still best friends. We live in a four bedroom home with a large yard in a family-friendly neighborhood. There are multiple parks nearby and always fun activities to do with kids in our hometown. Chase is a physician at one of our local hospitals. Megan stays at home and cares for both of our children. Chase's job has a flexible schedule and he is often home early afternoon, so we have lots of time to spend together as a family.


Our family loves being together, in fact if you came to our house on a Friday night you would find a blanket on the floor, a movie on the TV and pizza on our plates. If it isn't Friday, we eat dinner around our dinner table each night, play countless games such as freeze tag, and finish our day with story and prayer time. We also love being outside, whether its going to our nearby parks or driving to Nana and Papa's house to swim in their pool, drive their mini-Jeeps or set off on an adventure around their many acres of land. 


We do not know what the future holds, but we do know with confidence that we will provide for all of our children a life full of unconditional love, endless opportunities, emotional support and a safe place full of faith and fun. Additionally, we value the importance of education including college, which will be provided for all of our children. If your baby is a different ethnicity than our own, know that we are committed to embracing and cultivating a sense of pride for that ethnicity throughout our entire family.


We would love to meet with you, if that is alright with you. We would love to continue an open relationship after the baby is born, if that is something you are comfortable with. Ultimately, we want to respect your privacy, and will honor whichever decision you make in regards to openness.

Thank you for taking the time to read this letter and for considering our family.


All our love, 

Chase and Meg


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