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Domestic Adoption


We wish that we could sit with you in a coffee shop, listen to your story and tell you it is alright not to know all the answers to the difficult decisions you face. We wish we could have the opportunity to pray with you for clarity and peace, but most of all we would want you to know that you have been prayed for by many.

We have been married for nearly 13 years and are still best friends. We have been blessed with three incredible children, Owen, 9, Madelyn, 6 and Hayden, 3. Owen and Maddie are our biological children and Hayden was adopted as a newborn in 2019. We know we want to continue to grow our family, and are all very excited to adopt again, and, in fact, it was an easy and unanimous decision. We know that Hayden and our new child will have different adoption stories and experiences, but we value that they will be able to share and relate with one another in an exceptional way, as we all walk through the adoption journey together.

Our family loves being together, in fact, if you came to our house on a Friday night you would find a blanket on the floor, a movie on the TV and pizza on our plates. If it isn’t Friday, we eat dinner around our dinner table each night, play countless games together and finish our day with stories and prayer time. We also love the outdoors, whether it’s going to nearby parks, going for bike rides, setting off on local trails, or driving to Nana and Papa’s house to swim in the pool or adventure around their many acres of land. We also love to travel as a family, including everything from weekend trips to explore new cities, all the way to driving to the beaches on the coast or the mountains of Colorado.

Thank you so much for taking the time to learn a little more about our family. We are praying for you and hope that you find peace and confidence in your decision. 

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