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Dear Birthmother,

            The road to building our family has been difficult, but we know that difficult roads often lead to beautiful destinations. We have been in prayer for the birthmother of our future baby throughout our adoption journey and we cannot express how thankful we are for your heart and your courage in considering adoption.

             We first met in the 2nd grade Sunday School class at our church.  After years of being friends, we started dating, and we got married on June 28, 2008.  We have lived in San Antonio our entire marriage and bought our first home here in 2009.  In 2012, we were excited to start the process of growing our family.  After a difficult struggle with infertility, we chose to pursue adoption.  We have always believed that God would use adoption as part of our family’s story, and in 2016 we were incredibly blessed to adopt our son Cade.  We never knew we could love someone this much, and we are so grateful to Cade’s birthparents for their courage in allowing us the opportunity to love and care for him. 

             Adopting Cade has been a wonderful part of our family story.  Adoption has played a role in our extended family as well.  Chad’s brother and sister were both adopted, and his sister has adopted/fostered several children of her own.  Our family’s rich history with adoption has been a great help to us throughout this journey.  We have a wealth of grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins who are eagerly awaiting the next addition to our family.  We are excited to pursue adoption to continue growing our family, and we completely trust that God has been weaving together our family’s story long before it even began.

             Chad owns a personal training studio where he runs group and private training sessions throughout the week.  He is also the worship leader at our church, leading our worship band on Sunday mornings.  He enjoys exercise and playing music, as well as a good serving of bacon.  Chad is also an avid Dallas Cowboys fan, and hopes to get Cade on the bandwagon as soon as possible.  He is very casual and laid back, and loves to tell jokes (no matter how cheesy they may be).  He has always wanted to be a father who would love and care for his children just as his parents did for him.

             Linsay graduated from Texas A&M University and taught first grade dual language for 10 years.  She has always wanted to be a stay at home mom to love and raise her children.  She got that opportunity when our son joined our family, and now she is teaching part time at the preschool that Cade attends.  Linsay and Cade enjoy reading books together and going for walks in our neighborhood.  They also enjoy play dates with friends from our church community group, who have been very supportive of us throughout our journey and are excited about the next addition to our family.

             One of our favorite things to do as a family is take walks with our dog Lucy.  Cade usually rides in his wagon or car as we make our way through the neighborhood, sometimes stopping by the neighborhood park to play on the playground.  We love spending time with extended family, whether we are taking a beach trip for the weekend, or just hanging out at grandma’s house.

             We are so grateful that you would take the time to consider us!  We are excited to bring another baby into our family and provide for them a loving, Christ-Centered environment in which to grow up.  We love you and are committed to an open relationship with you.  We will continue to pray for you and can’t wait to meet you!

 With Love,

Chad and Linsay

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