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Domestic Adoption


Let us start by saying that we acknowledge just how difficult it must be for you to have arrived at a place where you're willing to approach the pathway of adoption as you prepare to give birth. It is undoubtedly a difficult decision and we are honored to have an opportunity to be a part of this very important choice. We could never fully know what you are going through, but please know our hearts are with you. We pray that God would give you strength, peace and wisdom regardless of which family you choose. 

Just to share a little bit about our family, we are Casswell and Cassandra Goodman and we live in Los Angeles California. Were originally from Miami Florida with roots in The Caribbean Islands (Haiti & The Bahamas). Weve been married now for 20 years and met in High School where we were High School sweethearts. We both enjoy trying unique foods, traveling to new places, picnics in the park or at a beach, hiking in parks and on trails, going to concerts, and spending quality time with friends and family while watching a movie or listening to our favorite types of music. Were both interested in learning more about various cultures and we also appreciate going to museums and tours so that we can have a better understanding of places, people, and history.

Early in our marriage, we learned that Cassandra suffered from a condition called Endometriosis that would make it difficult for us to naturally conceive a child. Despite the odds, we tried for almost 10 years to have a baby. Unfortunately, after two miscarriages and two failed IVF cycles, we were unable to have children of our own. While it has been a difficult process of grief and acceptance that this is what God has for us, we are excited about becoming parents through adoption.

Our parents on both sides, church family and close circle of friends are extremely supportive of our decision to adopt. When we announced it, no one was surprised and many shed tears of joy because they felt we had so much to give as parents and wanted us to be able to experience that in this life. We are so grateful for the prayers, love and support we have received from them through the years in our journey to become parents.

Whether you choose to parent or place your baby for adoption, we want you to know that you are loved and valued. We will be praying that you have peace about whatever you decide. If you choose adoption and we move forward together, we want you to know we will love your baby every day of our lives, we will speak with respect about you in our home, and we will provide your baby opportunities to grow and pursue their dreams. Thank you in advance for reviewing our profile and God Bless you in whatever decision the Lord leads you to make.

Caz and Cassandra (ID 1105335)

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