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Domestic Adoption

We hope this letter finds you happy, at peace and healthy. I'm Ana, my husband sitting next to me watching as a hawk as I type, is Carlos. We've been together 12 years, 7 married. We like to be near each other; we laugh until our bellies hurt and fight in silence until we are ready to come to terms again -in our journey together we have learnt the magnificence of shedding both's emotional excess baggage and have created a unique language only we understand and amplify recurrently-. We plan on being "kangaroo parents": we love to travel and the world is just what we wish to rediscover together as a family; where one goes, all of us will follow. Carlos comes from a very large loving catholic family; he is by far the most generous, with the most human smile ever, hard working, overachiever, caring, intelligent and cultured person I know. He is a good man, not perfect, but wholeheartedly kind. My story is a tad different; when I was 5 I was told I'm adopted. It was incredibly hurtful and lonely for me; in my family and country, adoption is still not an open topic but I decided to "fight it". Lesson: Adoption is not a condition, it's a miracle. And I have been blessed. I didn't have the option of meeting my birthparents but I do have a good relationship with my parents and they have given me an amazing life. I'm detailed oriented, sensible, and passionate. Carlos has taught me to create new mind paths to achieve happiness and freedom. I do, everyday. He is my biggest supporter and I am his.

We have a deep sense of humor but far more important than that, after trying for all our years together to have a family, going through various surgeries, several IVF treatments, getting pregnant and losing our children, we don't joke around when it comes to understanding and being able to provide permanent conscious care, nurture and security to the most desired child. Both of us have nieces and nephews, most of our friends have children, so we know what a magnificent chaos a toddler can create when it's shower time, and the challenge having a moody teenager is.

I'm a writer and there was no space in my mind nor my imagination that enclosed the expectation that ever in my life would I be redacting this letter. I've learned there's always so much more waiting for us as long as we are humble and grateful enough to embrace it. True, not everything is beautiful, some is bittersweet, other is painful; but always a compass to reassess our paths together as a couple and as a family. We can only imagine your feelings, but we offer you unrequested love and hope we can become part of your journey and together overcome the hardships and celebrate the successes. If that is what you aspire; if not, we will respect your decisions and will comply with what is best for all of us.

Carlos plays golf regularly and I enjoy swimming. We also love to read and you can find us pretty much always discussing topics that capture our interests. Both of us went to college; I sometimes freelance for several publishers and Carlos is the Executive Director of Talent Management at TPS. My plan and goal is to be a stay-home mom full time. Even-though we are older than other expectant parents, we are also financially, emotionally, mentally and physically stable. The idea of being parents is our life goal, and experience has taught us to be patient and kind, but also cautious and mature. Our families are beyond excited with our decision to adopt and have been very supporting and loving. We hope it is God's time for us because we are more than ready!

Many blessings to you.

Ana and Carlos

Please use this link to know a little bit more about our story together, who we are and Who we value in life.