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Domestic Adoption

Dear Birth Mother,

We just want to start by saying that when we stop and think about the choice you are considering, our minds are flooded with so many thoughts. We know that this season may be emotional and mentally overwhelming for you. We cannot begin to understand the weight of your decisions and what is expected of you. But there’s hope. We know that the Lord is in control and always knows what is best for each person, even in the confusing times when we feel submerged by this world. It is our deepest desire to cherish and love a child through adoption. Adoption has always been on our hearts to do as a family ever since we were married. We have many close friends that have adopted or have been adopted themselves. Through them, we are able to witness just how beautiful adoption is, and also have a clearer understanding of the sacrifices birth parents make. We are blessed to be able to gain wisdom from our family and friends as we embark on this journey. Having many adopted families in our church is so unique and special to those children as they grow up together.

We recently celebrated our 10-year wedding anniversary. Allisen grew up in the North Georgia area, while Caleb grew up in New Orleans, LA. We now live together in the metro Atlanta area. We have a daughter named Scarlett (8), and a son named August (5). Although we are no longer able to have biological children, we have been filled with excitement at the idea that now we can pursue our desire to adopt. As a family, we love to have a fun time together, whether that is at home, traveling, or during family nights. We love music; listening to and playing all kinds of music. In fact, Scarlett plays cello and August is learning guitar. We regularly serve in our church which is a joy to our family. We have a great relationship with our extended families on both sides. We frequently talk and visit with them. A lot of our family lives close to us. 

Depending on your comfort level and how our relationships develop over time, we would love to also keep an open relationship with you. With that being said, we will also respect your privacy and honor your decisions. That open relationship can look like little or no contact, occasional letters, photos, phone calls, and/or annual visits. We sincerely care about how you are feeling and how hard this may be on you. We are praying for you whether you choose us or not. We want to make sure your child respects your decision and loves you for the sacrifice you made. We, also, will love you because you will be a part of our story and our family.

Sincerely Caleb & Allisen


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