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Domestic Adoption

Hello,      We are Bryson and Tara, and we are so grateful that you’re taking the time to look at our profile. We won’t presume to understand the circumstances that brought you to the adoption agency, but we appreciate you for having the love and strength to go through the process. For our part, that love and strength is a true blessing because after years of trying to conceive and several rounds of unsuccessful fertility treatments, such love and strength provided us with a family through the adoption of our son, William, in 2019. We’ve experienced so much love and fun through our little family that we now want nothing more than to share these gifts with another child. This profound desire shared by each of us is most adorably exhibited by our son, who keeps asking for a sibling and greets every baby he sees with a cheerful, “Hi, baby!”      We live in a peaceful, little town surrounded by wide open prairie. Our neighborhood is crisscrossed by wide streets lined with tall elm trees, green-grass lawns, and comfortable homes. Our favorite pastime is visiting the several parks in town for fun in the sun or snow, depending on the season. We also enjoy walking around our neighborhood during hot summer nights filled with croaking toads, crisp spring mornings after a thunderstorm, chilly fall afternoons thick with the smell of dead leaves, and winter days with all sound muffled by a blanket of fresh snow. William loves his time outdoors, especially when he is able to play with others.     Our local family connections go back several generations, and our friendships go back decades. We see local friends and family almost daily for meals and fun. We spend lots of time dining with grandparents and playing at the park and swimming pool with family friends and their children. We also frequently visit extended family, including several adopted family members in a nearby city for all kinds of fun. For us, home is a place where you can always go to be loved without judgment. Together with our family and friends we have a very large and very loving home.      Bryson is an attorney and part owner of a local law firm. He has a passion for education and the arts. Tara is an office manager at a multi-generational insurance agency. Our jobs are very flexible, which has made it easy to develop a complete childcare plan, using a combination of maternity leave, work from home, adjustable work schedules, family support, and daycare. We each work only five minutes from home, giving us the flexibility to adjust our childcare plan so that we can spend as much time as possible with our children.     We love to laugh. We hope you see that in our photos. It is the soundtrack for our lives with the frequent “me funny” or “silly mommy” from William. We can't wait to share all this joy with another child. We also love traveling. Some of our best memories come from our many scuba diving trips with family in Mexico, hiking in Hawaii and Moab, road tripping down the Oregon coast, swimming in the Caribbean, or even simple day trip. We have three loving pets and frequently spend time with other dogs and cats at Bryson's father's veterinary clinic.      Our lives are overflowing with love and fun, but we know there is room for more. We want to share our loving home and provide a supportive environment for another child. We recognize and embrace the notion that an open relationship with you could be an important part of such a loving and supportive environment. We are very much open to having an open relationship with you based on your comfort level, including meetings, telephone calls, pictures, etc. Such contact has been great for William.     It means so much to us that you took the time to look at our profile book. We have met many waiting adoptive families through this process, and they have all been wonderful people. Regardless of your choice, rest assured that there is endless love and support available for your child.                                       Thank you for your love and courage,                                                  Bryson & Tara


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