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Domestic Adoption


Both of us even before meeting each other and getting married looked forward to the day we would become parents. So naturally when we met and fell in love, we'd talk often about the kids we would have together one day. We never talked about getting pregnant or having kids that looked like us, it was about what kind of parents we'd be, what we'd do together as a family and all the joy they'd bring.

We decided we were ready to grow our family about a year after we got married. We started on the "simplest" route and tried to become pregnant, after a year we began working with fertility specialists, all the while starting to think down the other paths to parenthood. We researched foster-to adopt as well as adopting through a couple different agencies in the area. We continued this for 2 more years, we prayed and sought counsel but also just enjoyed being with each other. We wanted to be 100% ready as we knew once we set our minds and hearts on it we’d be all in.

In January of 2018, after purchasing our first house together we felt extremely confident to move forward with adoption. We found Nightlight Christian Adoptions as it’s just a short drive from where we live. They have been wonderful and we could not be more excited to be where we are in the process. We anxiously await the phone call that means we’ve been matched and are one step closer to the family we’ve always dreamed of.

Our hope for using AdoptionBridge is that someone may learn about us and feel an unexplainable tug in their heart to just meet us and see if there’s something to that gut feeling. We believe whole-heartedly that God performs miracles and a woman choosing adoption is nothing short of a miracle.

Jay and Britt

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