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Domestic Adoption

Hello, We may not know each other, but what we do know, is that you are already someone who means so much to us. The road that has led us all to this place has been unexpected and full of twists and turns, all for the single purpose of bringing us together. We have not met, yet we are on a journey together that will change all of our lives. In writing this, we feel an overwhelming sense of gratitude and empathy for the difficult choice that you have made to give your child the gift of life, and for giving us the opportunity to grow our family While we know that God's plan has always been for this to happen, we know that this process is filled with many emotions. From the start of our married life, 14 years ago, we knew that one day we would have children and create our family Even in the beginning discussions, we always felt that God was calling us toward adoption and planned on completing our family with both biological and adopted children. Our journey began with us trying for biological children first... and trying, and trying... until it became clear that it was not in God's plan for us to conceive naturally. Three years ago, God answered our prayers and used adoption to send us our son Corban. That process showed us the beauty of God's planning, and once again we are trusting him to guide us on this path. As we pray for you throughout this journey, we hope you feel His love and guidance as well. We hope that this book helps you to learn more about us since we want to have an open relationship that is loving and healthy for us all. We want you to know that we respect your role in this child's life and we want this child to know and understand the immense amount of love that they have experienced from the beginning - from their parents who loved them enough to let them be raised by people other than themselves and from their parents who loved them enough to wait to be chosen for them. With all our love and prayers, Brian and Kristin

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