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Domestic Adoption

We wish we were sitting down with you right now face to face. A letter isn't enough to convey and express the proper emotions we have as we write this but here it goes. We are humbled and grateful for you taking the time to look at our profile and educate yourself on your options as we share what is only a glimpse of our life. We are Brent and Sarah. We live in Tucson, AZ. We are high school sweethearts who have been married for fourteen years. We have three biological children; Catcher (12), Easton (9), and Maddux (6). Our family can be described as a mix of laughter, chaos, and fun. We enjoy camping, family vacations, and seeing new places together but some of our favorite moments as a family are in the everyday. The hustle and bustle of getting everyone out the door in the morning, the family dinners that are sometimes spent at baseball field snack bars as we cheer the kids on in their sports, the family movie nights where everyone calls dibs on the best couch spot for viewing, Saturday mornings at the dog park as we chase our labradoodle Cooper around, and the family read aloud before bed as the kids grow bored and start to fall asleep. It's in the mundane moments we look around and feel more blessed than we could have ever asked for. We became passionate about adopting a couple of years ago. Infertility was never part of our story, yet we looked around and overwhelmingly felt we had room for more. Room for more dinner table banter, couch space for family movie night, room on the fridge for more precious artwork, and more bedtime reading requests. We felt we had so much more laughter, love, and joy to share and couldn't imagine growing our family any other way. If you choose us we wouldn't just be opening our hearts to a baby, but to you too. We are both surrounded by incredible family and friends who are eager and excited to share our lives with whoever joins our family. As we shared our hearts with them in adopting they have enthusiastically supported us. Please know that you have so many people who are praying for you and this journey you are on.                        Brent and Sarah

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