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Domestic Adoption


We are Brent and Allison, and in many ways, we are surprised to be writing this letter to you. First of all, because we survived many awkward dating moments. Seriously, we had so many that most people probably would have just given up! Yet here we are, six years into our marriage, loving every minute that life has given us so far. Second, because we never thought that we would be facing infertility. I’m sure that in a very different way, you are also surprised to be reading this letter. We are both facing many emotions – we, as we face the inability to have biological children, and you, as you consider the little life that is growing inside of you. I’m sure we both wish that we could change our circumstances. As we write to you today, we believe that our paths may have crossed in this way for a great and wonderful purpose.

As I mentioned earlier, Brent and I have been married for six amazing years. He truly is my best friend, and we have loved spending our lives together so far. We both felt the call to adopt early on in our marriage, and in 2014 we found out that we wouldn’t be able to have biological children. We grieved for a time, but this solidified that our calling to adopt was God’s will for our family. After much prayer and consideration, we applied in 2015 for adoption through Nightlight Christian Adoptions, where we adopted our daughter, Adleigh, from a family in Texas. We are so thankful that we had the opportunity to adopt, and we now desire to grow our family – for us to have another baby to love and nurture, and for Adleigh to have a sibling to love and share life with.

We live in a small farming community surrounded by many beautiful horse farms. Our home is in a small, one-street neighborhood filled with lots of young families and children. We are also about ten minutes from one of the major cities in Kentucky, so we are very close to the many attractions that are offered there. Brent works at a local bank, just six miles from our home. I worked as an administrative assistant for ten years before choosing to be a stay-at-home mom since Adleigh’s birth. I love being a full-time mom!

We are very involved in our church, which is where Brent and I met while working in the children’s ministry. Brent teaches a small Sunday School class, is the head of the finance committee, and helps plan men’s events. I serve one to two times a month as a singer on the worship team, and volunteer regularly in the nursery. Together, we have been leading a small group that meets in our home for about three years. We truly love our family, friends and church family, and everyone is very excited for us to expand our family.

In our free time, we enjoy lots of things! We love spending time with our friends and family. We love reading, traveling, taking walks, hiking. We also enjoy relaxing and watching a little TV after bedtime. We are both physically active, and enjoy running, biking and swimming when we can.

We hope that in some way, you would share this journey with us. We would love to be able to meet with you, if you would like.  We would be open to exchanging calls, emails, pictures, letters – whatever you would like. However, we also want to be respectful of your privacy, so if you prefer less contact, we understand that as well.

We will be praying for the best for you and your child, whatever you decide. We are full of hope for both of our families. May you be blessed.

Brent and Allison

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