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Domestic Adoption

"Two. Two more babies," said Elani, our then 2-year-old daughter when we asked her about adopting. We were surprised, but her confident reply fit with our plans to adopt. Even funnier, we have both always wanted twins! We dont know what lies ahead for us in adoption, but we know that we all have hearts open to loving more babies in our family. First, thank you for considering adoption. We cannot pretend to understand all that you are going through and the storm of emotions that come with it. Adoption is a decision that requires great care and consideration. We pray God will give you peace and comfort during this time and will light your path forward. We met at seminary while studying Ancient Greek. (We're nerds, and we're serious about faith.) We quickly discovered we'd found someone who was already like family. We married within the year. We've both always felt drawn to adoption, whether we had biological children or not. We want to be a good family who can be a blessing to others. We began the adoption process two years ago, but just after we applied for the home study, a friend in crisis needed a place to live. We felt led to put adoption on hold to be a home to him. He asked to stay for just a few months, but it ended up being longer. During that time, I (Sharon) prayed about the long stay and our adoption plans. God spoke to my heart that not all who need family are infants. For that time, we were family to someone who needed it most. We saw our friend through the crisis and now it's time to continue pursuing adoption. Brandon is a stay-at-home dad with a side business and a passion for writing novels. Sharon works in human resources for the federal government. Both of us work from home, which gives us more family time. When we adopt, we both plan to take a 3-month new parent leave. Then Brandon will be the main caregiver. We have two biological children: Elani (6) and David (4). Elani is excited about adoption. She asks frequently why it's taking so long. David is curious about adoption and asks when he's going to have a "brother baby" to share his room. After marriage, we first considered adoption when we tried to have children. During three tough years, God softened our hearts even more toward adoption. However, He blessed us with Elani, and then David. Soon after he was born, God touched our hearts again, and led us to continue growing our family through adoption. Despite delays, we feel it's been in the right timing. Our home is in suburban Idaho, and we're fortunate to have Sharon's parents just a few miles away. Its a family-oriented community, and we're fortunate to be active in a local church that our kids love and that's supportive of adoptive families. Brandon grew up in California & Hawaii. Sharon grew up in North Dakota, has a Master's in intercultural studies and spent significant time in Jordan and Latin America. Our previous church was a pan-Asian church, where Brandon became the family pastor. We're open to adopting children of other ethnicities. However, we feel we'd be most successful nurturing children from cultures we have the most familiarity with, namely Asian, Hispanic, or Middle Eastern. Learn a little more about our family through our profile book on Shutterfly If you'd like to get to know us better, we would love to hear from you. Just contact Lara Kelso at Nightlight Christian Adoptions (636) 797-4100 x417 Sincerely, Brandon & Sharon

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