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Domestic Adoption

            Honestly, there is no way anyone will fully understand the emotions you are going through and I would not let anyone tell you they do, we are not even going to pretend we know either. All we do know though is that you are giving the best gift of all and that is life. We made the decision while we were still dating, over 11years ago, that we would adopt.

Our names are Brad and Ashley, we have known each other our entire lives. Our grandparents lived next to each other when our parents were kids. Our parents were friends all throughout school to today. We started dating soon after both of us were out of high school. I (Ashley) knew after only one month into the relationship that this is the man God had for me to marry. It has always amazed us and made us feel so blessed the amount of love and support we have received from family and friends our entire lives in everything we did. From getting married to now this adoption process which will provide us with our first child. Personally we think our family is even more excited than we thought possible about us adopting a child.

We have both grown up in the church. I like to use the term pew babies because we cannot actually remember a time we where not in church and not having a relationship with Christ. Currently we go to an Assembly’s of God church. We both are extremely active in church with volunteering and attending services and we look forward to having our child being involved as well.

We both have high school diplomas and we have taken a few college classes here and there. Brad owned his own business for 10 years then sold it. I worked in the medical field for 9 years. Now we both work for the family business of Restaurants and Real Estate. Out of all the time we have been working this is probably our favorite job because we are being able to work with and helping family. Once we do have a child I (Ashley) plan on being a stay at home mom that may work a day or two a week.  During those few shifts I work a week Brad or family will have time alone our new bundle of joy.

We are very active people and love pretty much anything that has to do with out doors. Our passions are motorcycling, camping, and hiking. We also love traveling (we have been all over the united States), rock climbing, and spending time with family and friends. Our neighborhood is full of children ranging from infant to teenagers. Almost daily we see kids playing and having fun up and down our street. We live in a tight knit neighborhood that we watch out for each other and also get together periodically to hang out. Our home is a spacious 3 bed and 2 bath that has an amazing back yard and the neighborhood has a resort style pool.

We are so excited to share our lives and God’s love with our first child.


Brad and Ashley


If you are interested in learning more about us please contact Lara Kelso at 636-797-4100, Ext. 417