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Domestic Adoption

Dear Expectant Mother,

Thank you for taking the time to read a little bit about us. We cannot begin to imagine how difficult it must be to consider your options and make a decision that will ensure the best possible future for yourself but most importantly, for your little one. As you consider your options, we would like to share a little bit with you about ourselves in hopes that, should you decide to choose adoption, you rest assured that your little one will be in very good hands.

We met in our early 20’s at work and started dating. Dating was not without its challenges, but after several years of sweet gestures, fun times, and prayer from our families, we made the decision to get married and start our future together. We have now been married for 21 years and our love and commitment to each other is stronger than ever. We do not have any biological children of our own nor have we adopted any children. Throughout the years, we have enjoyed our time together as a couple. We love travelling and have had the privilege to visit some beautiful places such as Europe, Mexico, and South America. We are also actively involved in our church and have served as youth pastors as well as teaching in the children’s ministry. We love family time and enjoy hosting our family and friend in our home. While it has been 21 years full of accomplishments, adventures, and growth that make us feel extremely blessed, we have also struggled with a very important missing piece.

Being parents has been something we have wanted for many years. We tried to get pregnant on our own for a while and after not being able to conceive, we decided to seek out answers from a medical professional. We received some difficult news about a medical condition that made our chances of getting pregnant very slim. The doctors explained that it would take a miracle for us to conceive. The news was difficult but we never lost faith that one day God would bless us with the privilege of being parents. The years have passed and we have continued to hold on to that promise. That promise has brought us here. We believe and understand in our hearts that God has called us to adopt. We were nervous and hesitant at first but have been met with an overwhelmingly positive response from our family and friends who are excited to welcome a little one into our family. We cannot wait for this next chapter in our lives that will complete our family.


Benjamin and Issmene.

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