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Domestic Adoption

We have been praying for you since the moment we started this journey. We have been praying for comfort and peace as you walk forward. You have made an admirable & selfless decision. You are choosing life for your unborn babe and we love you for it. We don't know the different elements of your story which have led you to choose adoption, but we hope to! Your strength, courage, and love for your child are undeniable.

We want you to know that adoption has been on our hearts since the very beginning of our relationship, 10 years ago! We can't tell you how full our hearts are with love for you and the beautiful child God has chosen to bless you with.

Adoption has been woven into Ben's family story since he was ten years old. His oldest sister got pregnant her senior year of high school and decided to place her baby boy for adoption. Ben's family supported his sister and walked alongside her.

Growing up we were both taught the importance of faith, forgiveness, and compassion. Both of our parents have exemplified a supportive and faithful marriage. We plan to raise our future children in a loving, Christian home.

We would be honored to be a part of your story and are excited to hopefully meet you.

All our love,

Ben and Christina


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