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Domestic Adoption

Dear Expectant Mother,
We don't know you but we can imagine the range of emotions and questions you're experiencing. Please know we see your strength and courage, and that you are respected and prayed for as you wade into these unsure waters.
We are Christians and we both work with international college students in full-time ministry. We met at a training conference to join staff with our organization. The first 7 years of our marriage were spent in Nebraska, then we moved to Colorado, where we live now. We enjoy getting into the mountains as often as possible to hike, paddle board, and introduce international students to snow through snowshoeing and sledding.
Just before we moved out here we had a miscarriage and later learned some difficult fertility news. After grieving both of those, and so much prayer, we believe God is leading us to grow our family through adoption. Our families couldn't be more excited to meet the little one we bring home and our nieces have some pretty... unique name suggestions (they may be getting their ideas from cartoons).
Our home is usually full of college students and co-workers  from countries all over the world, and it's usually full of the aromas of foods from all of those places as well.  We love learning who they are and honoring where they come from. And we intend to raise the child we bring home the same way- to know and honor who they are and where they come from. No matter how much contact you are open to and desiring, we will always make sure our child knows you are courageous and loving, and we will always speak of you with respect and honor.
We learn so much by spending time with and being led by people who look, think, and live differently than we do.  To the best of our abilities we will pass on these values to our child.
You can view our photo book using this link:Andy and Lauren's Profile Book.  We hope this photo book will give you a better idea of who we are. And we pray you experience God's peace as you make so many difficult decisions.
With love,
Andy and Lauren