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Domestic Adoption

Hello. Thank you so much for taking the time to look through our profile. We understand you're faced with many difficult decisions at the moment, and truly appreciate you considering our home for your child, if you do choose to create an adoption plan. No matter what, we respect your decision as you decide what is best for you and your child. Welcome to a window into our lives. We're happy to be able to share a little about ourselves -where we come from, and what makes us who we are. Andrew works as an engineer and Suzy works in public health. We're from Georgia, and live here currently. We met in 2011 and were married in 2015. We have gone on so many adventures together, including living in Peru for two years, and now we're ready for the adventure of raising a family. Our profile will show you many of our hobbies and interests that we enjoy, such as traveling, spending time with friends and family, and spending time outdoors. After trying for years, we learned we are unable to have biological children, but we want so badly to grow our family, raise a child in our loving home, and provide them with every opportunity possible. Our parents and siblings live nearby, as well as our close friends. All of them have been with us for each step of the adoption process and are providing us with lots of love and support. Suzy's uncle was adopted, so our family has seen firsthand how wonderful adoption can be. We hope you will consider us for the responsibility of raising and loving the child you are bringing into the world. We will wholeheartedly provide for, cherish, nurture, and love your child. They will be given freedom, opportunity, and stability. We are open to maintaining contact and providing pictures, if that is something you would be interested in. We can adjust our openness to match your comfort level. Again we just thank you for reading this letter and looking through our profile, if you so choose!


Andrew & Suzy

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