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Domestic Adoption

Hello Expectant Parent, we are Andrew and Kaylen

"Things don't have to go as planned to be good", is an accurate description of our life's journey thus far. As two city kids growing up in Las Vegas, NV we would have never guessed we would wind up settling down in small town, Midwest America.

Ten years ago, we met through friends. Neither of us expected to meet someone when we did, but we bonded over the fact that we were the third wheels of our respective friend groups. It was a love-at-first sight experience. Shortly after meeting, we moved for school. Andrew had a desire to care for others and graduated with a degree in Social Work; Kaylen is passionate about the natural world and finished her degree in Biology. We were fully expecting to return home out West, but life had better and more unexpected things for us. Opportunities opened for us both in SW Missouri, and we both went on to earn masters degrees. Andrew fulfilled his dream of helping others through his career as a Medical Social Worker and Kaylen is living out her dreams as an Environmental Scientist.

Early in our marriage, we were told it would be unlikely that we would have biological children.  But, the unexpected happened again for us! Our daughter, Olive was welcomed into the world in early 2017.  As a musician, Andrew shares his love for music with Olive; our house is filled with the music from daddy and daughter playing drums, guitar and ukulele together. Kaylen volunteers in Olive's classroom for Sunday School at our church where Olive loves to do crafts with and pretend to read to Kaylen. Our hearts are so full of love for our family, but our family is not yet complete.

Since our earliest years, we had desired to adopt and knew our family would grow from a blend of adoption and biology. The joy of raising Olive prompted us to pursue what has been on our hearts for so long. We believe so strongly in loving others through adoption, and that we will best love our child by loving and honoring their biological family too. It is our hope that we can have an open relationship that respects  the desires and feelings of our child and their first family. 

We hope that those words "things don't have to go as planned to be good", are true for you as well. We pray that no matter the unexpected place you find yourself in that the best  is in store for you. Thank you for getting to know our family, if you would like to get to know us more please visit our link below! We will be in prayer for you to have peace in your situation now, confidence in your decisions and courage to follow through with your plans, no matter what you decide to do. We look forward to one day meeting you. 

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Andrew & Kaylen