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Domestic Adoption

Dear birth mother/family,

Hello! Thank you for coming to our page and learning a little about us. We are Andrew and Amanda! We jokingly refer to ourselves as the A-Team and we are growing our family! We are currently a family of 2, and we have been married for almost 7 years.  Even though we are a family of 2, we have a huge support system; we believe it takes a village and we have a village of family and friends! We live in the southern region of beautiful Colorado on property close to the mountains and a lake, so plenty of room for all to roam around! From early ages we both knew we wanted to be parents. We tried for a few years to have kids naturally; however, it was not meant to be at this point. In a nut shell, it is difficult for us to sustain pregnancy, so we have lost 4 babies. While this has been difficult for us in losing our babies, it also taught us a lot about each other, God and our marriage. All for the better! So we are here because we decided rather than go through medical ways to have a baby, we felt called to adoption for our journey, and hopefully yours. We know our situations are different, and we can only imagine the decisions, questions and conflict that must be weighing on your heart. However, we want you to know that we will fiercely love any child we are blessed with as our own. We feel we are all adopted by God through Jesus and this is a wonderful way to honor life and love. This child will be filled with so much love, support, happiness and stability that any parent would want for their child. Please know we are committed to being the best versions of ourselves for our partner and for our children. For some reason God has set us on this path to where both you and we are, and while it can be difficult and we do not always know why this path, we believe it can still be very rewarding. So, this is why we chose adoption, we would love to be blessed with a child of God that is already created; and honor you, life and God by providing them a loving family. We want to sincerely thank you for looking at our profile and you can contact NightLight Christain Adoptions at 970-663-6799 for more information about us. We know this is only the beginning. We patiently and lovingly wait for the next part of our journey.

Love and Prayers, The A-Team                                                                                                                                    Link for our profile book for more about us: