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Domestic Adoption


   We cannot imagine the strength and courage it takes to choose adoption for your child. We acknowledge your sacrifice and feel honored that you would consider us in your decision. We are Alex and Nichole and the love for your child has joined us with you on this journey of adoption.

   We have been a couple for over ten years and married since 2013. We live in Aurora, Colorado where we were both born and raised. Alex is a financial advisor and Nichole is a special education teacher and high school cheerleading coach. Thankfully, we live near our parents and are able to spend time with family often. We like to hang out with family and friends, attend local high school sporting events, watch movies at home, and travel whenever we get the chance. Luckily, Nichole's coaching brings us to Disney World every year, which is something we look forward to every February!

   Adoption has always been a part of our family plan. Even before we were engaged, we knew our family would consist of adopted children. The idea of adoption is natural to us and a part of our family structure. Both of Alex's parents are retired social workers, along with his mother and sister having been adopted themselves. We are so excited to grow our family and thank you for potentially being a part of this incredible experience.

   Please look through our book Alex and Nichole 1013592 for a glimpse into our lives.  Thank you for taking the time to consider us in your journey. We hope to get the chance to meet you in person and get to know you better. As you look through these profiles, we pray for guidance and peace for you in the choices that lay ahead.

- Alex and Nichole