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Domestic Adoption

Dear Expectant Mom, Hi!  My name is Jessica.  I am holding the choices you are making now in prayer, whatever the outcome may be.  I support and value you as a Mom.  The planning that you are doing takes time and does not come without difficulty.  I hold so much esteem for you because you have so much love for your child. If the outcome is an adoption plan, Alex and I look forward to meeting you.  We started talking about adopting a child while we were dating.  It was through the lens of the possibility of not being able to conceive together.  About a year after our daughter Nora was born, we started talking again about adopting a child.  This time, it was through the lens of God's love. Alex and I met in college.  He came to a potluck, and I remember to this day exactly what he was wearing and what food he brought to share with everyone (peach pie!)  We got married 3 years later, and we moved to Texas after he graduated.  Both of us enjoy our jobs to the fullest.  He is a high school teacher, and I am an oncology nurse. Alex, Nora and I live in a two-story house in the city suburbs.  Our neighbors are very excited about our plans for adoption and are willing to help us incorporate our child's culture and ethnicity if it is different from our culture.  Alex's parents, Donna and Glenn, live with us, and Nora loves having her grandparents involved in her life. Alex and I both work, and we see the benefits of Nora going to school every day.  We are making plans to welcome our second child to the same school Nora attends.  We have the evenings together at home, and the weekends are spent doing some fun activity like going to the zoo or the children's museum.  Nora loves dinosaurs and is excited to teach a little sibling about them! Lately it has been most important for me to see the support that we are receiving from our church family.  We are providing regular updates on our journey, and many are involved in very specific ways: they wrote recommendation letters, they held the waiting process in prayer, and so much more. Whatever is the next step for you -- Alex and I are covering it in prayer.  We look forward to meeting you if that is what God's plan is. Get to know more about us in Our Photo Book or Our Video. With Love, Alex and Jessica We are represented by Nightlight Christian Adoptions. If you want more information about us or would like to meet us, please contact Nightlight at (254) 227-9252.

  1. Hi! We finally finished our video today. Whoever is viewing — we hope you enjoy it! We are actively waiting for you.