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Domestic Adoption

Dear Expectant/Birth Mother,

It’s hard to imagine how difficult it is trying to make the right decision for your baby and we are incredibly grateful you are taking the time to learn more about our family. We commend you for your strength and for wanting the best for your child and their future and know with God’s guidance you will find the perfect match. We are Steph and Alden and we have a biological son, Henry. We could not be more excited to welcome a sweet baby to our family!

From the day we met we considered adoption and after experiencing infertility we knew this was the right decision for us. Hopeful big-brother Henry is absolutely smitten with babies and we know he will make an amazing big brother. We can’t wait for him to experience the joy that comes with a sibling!

In our home, our family always comes first and we feel strongly that we want our children to be raised with Catholic values and we're confident this will help us raise strong, independent children, with wonderful heads on their shoulders despite the conflicts our country and the world continue to face. We come from a rural and woodsy area that provides us with lots of fun things to do in all four seasons. We have beautiful parks nearby, apple orchards, and beaches and many of our life-long friends live nearby. We both have large families with young children which provides endless fun.

As we raise your child, we will teach them to do unto others as you’d have done to you. Respect everyone and approach them with kindness, a strong work ethic, self-reliance, financial stability, and planning for the future. They will know their story and the sacrifice you made to give them a wonderful life. We want them to follow their dreams with guidance and will support them as they spread their wings.  Thank you for reading about our hopes and dreams for our family and adopted child.

With love,
Steph, Alden, and Henry

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