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Domestic Adoption


We don’t know where you are, your circumstances, or the overwhelming mixture of emotions you must be feeling, but please know that we think about you everyday. You are showing great strength and bravery in exploring what, only you can know, will be best for your sweet baby and we greatly appreciate your journey, wherever that may lead.

We are Adam & Sydney, college sweethearts from Virginia with big hearts to grow our family. We briefly met in 2010 on our first day of classes, however our love story did not take off until 2013 and from there it was history! Adam proposed in 2015, at the completion of my graduate program, and we were married the following summer in 2016. We currently live in Virginia Beach with our precious pups, Izzy & Zola.

Adam is a firefighter and EMT with a work ethic that you wouldn’t believe! He loves home improvement projects and is currently training for his first marathon! I am a 4th grade teacher, with a background in Special Education, and adore working with kids. I love everything about the beach, all year round, and cozying up to a good book or movie.

Adam & I have talked about our family and having kids together since we met. About a year into our marriage, we began the journey to conceive and within another year we learned it was going to be a challenge for us. We underwent a couple of fertility treatments and experienced a miscarriage at 6 weeks. I have never felt such pain in my heart in my entire life. We agreed to try again, but quickly came to the realization that our family was meant to grow in another way. We truly view adoption as a beautiful and tragic balance of human nature. It does not weigh lightly on us what we are asking of a mother, which is why our view of adoption is an expansion of our family by more than a baby, but also the birth family.

We are fortunate to have a truly loving and supportive family so close to us. Both sides of our family live nearby in Virginia and were thrilled with our announcement to adopt. We cannot wait to welcome a new baby and the loving family that gave him or her life.


With Love,

Adam & Sydney

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