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Domestic Adoption

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Hello brave mother-to-be,

One of our favorite sayings is, “No mud, no lotus flower,” which means that the messy, muddy parts of life go hand in hand with the beautiful parts.

We are reminded of that saying as we think about you working through tough choices for the sake of your child, in the midst of what is likely a challenging time. We don’t know you (yet!), but we are in awe of your courage and your love. Whatever choice you make, we wish you the very best. And, if you believe that our family may be the right fit for the future you envision for your child, we can’t wait to meet you, to give you a hug, and, just maybe, come together to grow something beautiful.

About us. We met in 2012 and knew very soon that we had found our life partners. A little more than a year later, we got married in a barn, accompanied by amazing bluegrass music and our closest friends and family. A few years later, Clare gave birth to our daughter, Ella, who is now five, and is curious, kind, and, frankly, hilarious! Clare is a stay-at-home parent (and currently a homeschooling mom) to Ella and also works from home part-time, figuring out how to strengthen programs for children and families. Ace is a former teacher who also works from home as a consultant, working to improve schools. We live in West Virginia, where we moved to raise our daughter near family; Clare’s parents live in town, and Ace’s parents live nearby.

Why adoption. We want to adopt because our family has lots of love to give, and we know that adoption, while not always easy, can be a beautiful way to build a family. Clare’s sister, Maura, was adopted, and she is the world’s best aunt! Every week, Maura spends time with Ella on Zoom, reading and laughing together. We are lucky to be family with Maura, and we want to welcome a new person into our family through the same way Maura joined ours.

Our lives. Our house is overflowing with children’s books, art supplies, musical instruments, and board games! Every night, we eat dinner as a family and share “roses and thorns” (ups and downs from the day). We make lots of puns, come up with silly dances, and have tea parties with Ella’s stuffed animals. You’ll often find us outside, whether playing tag at the playground down the street from our house, or exploring a new hike. We prioritize family, community, and service to others, and we do our best to pass these values on to our daughter. Oh, and we try not to take ourselves too seriously! 🙂

Thank you for considering our family. We would be thrilled to establish an open relationship with you, in whatever form you are most comfortable, if that is something that you want; it would be a gift to our family to be in relationship with you. If so, we can't wait to meet you!


Ace and Clare

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