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Domestic Adoption

Dear Birthparents - Thank you for taking the time to learn a little about us and our family! We are Abby and Patrick. We met online in 2009 and were married a few years later in 2013. In the past eight years, we’ve added two canine family members who are the sweetest giant fluffballs around. Together, we love adventuring around the world, but also greatly value our time together at home with our dogs. When at home, we also enjoy working together on home projects and stargazing when the sky is clear. While we’ve had a number of exciting adventures together, our biggest adventure is still to come. After years of trying to start a family, we have determined that for us, the road to parenthood will be through adoption. We are very excited about this new adventure and are grateful for birth parents like you who consider an adoption plan for their babies. We know that you have a lot to consider in the decision to place your child for adoption, and we respect your courage and pray you find peace in your choices, no matter what you decide. All our love, Abby and Patrick

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