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Domestic Adoption

Dear Expectant Parents,

We don’t know you. We don’t know how you got here, or how you might be feeling, and we don’t know your story. But we do know your story isn’t over yet. We know your story will always be spoken about with honor and dignity in our home. We know that you are welcome to our story, and we’re grateful to share that with you.

Hi, we’re Aaron and Bri. We’ve been married for six years and we look forward to many more; we love doing life together! We enjoy traveling, hiking, camping, trying out new restaurants, hanging out with friends and family, finding new parks for the kids to play at, and just simple, cozy nights at home. Aaron sells commercial insurance and loves the flexibility that comes with his job. Bri has been an elementary school teacher for the past seven years and has decided after this school year is over to stay at home with the kids. I look forward to spending more time home with our kids, teaching them how to read and doing endless amounts of crafts & baking!  

We have two biological children, Crew (4) and Berkleigh (2). Crew is hands down the best big brother and he truly takes pride in this role in our family. He has the biggest heart and loves to look out and care for his younger sister. He also climbs anything he can get his hands (and feet) on! Berkleigh is as sassy as she is sweet.  She enjoys keeping us on our toes. She loves babies, “pretty pretties” (jewelry/accessories), and dancing. We have no doubt in our mind both Crew and Berkleigh will welcome a new child into our family with grace and an abundance of love.  

We chose adoption not because of infertility or health concerns, but because of a sense that this is how our family is meant to be. Almost immediately after having Berkleigh, Bri had an overwhelming calling to adopt that she just couldn’t shake. After many nights of prayers and conversation, we knew this is how we wanted to continue to grow our family. We have overwhelming support from both of our families and our friends. Both of our parents live 30 minutes from us and absolutely love spending time with their grandchildren. Bri’s sister and her family live just ten minutes away and we all enjoy weekly playdates/dinners together. Both sides of our families get together for large holiday celebrations so we can spend time as a whole family.  Family means the world to us and everyone is beyond ready to welcome another bundle into it! We also have a very tight-knit group of friends with children around the same ages (and even more to come)! It’s a blessing being in the same season of life as our closest friends; they’ve been our biggest cheerleaders throughout this process.

Although we aren’t walking the same path as you right now, we hope to walk alongside of you the rest of this journey.  We hope to continue a forever lasting open relationship with you and continue to honor you throughout your child’s life.

We know we can’t sum everything up in just one page, but we’d like to leave you with this; know that you are already a good mother. The time, the thought, the research and the energy you are putting into this decision makes you a good mother. Worrying about your child’s needs and future makes you a good mother. Loving the little life inside of you makes you a good mother. We promise that we are here to continue to champion and support you so that you will always be known as a good mother. 

With love,

Aaron & Bri

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